Global Flow Institute – is going to be your choice when you are looking to improve your leadership skills, if you are an individual who is seeking direction on your career pathway or desiring confirmation that your current avenue is the right one for you.

You are Unique - like your Fingerprint

You are Unique – like your Fingerprint

An exceptional leader has not only a high IQ, but is also emotionally intelligent. Developing your EQ helps you to understand and manage yourself. Raising your self-awareness and managing your emotions enables you to be mindful and compassionate. At the same time you will be raising your level of empathy and your ability to influence others.  These skills are critically important because it appears that the directive leadership style doesn’t work for most companies in today’s business world. Employees today want to be guided, motivated and inspired as individuals. They need to be led, but also appreciate space in order to develop trust in making their own decisions. Each human’s character, personality and story are distinctive because we all have our own personal history, therefore each individual is unique, like a fingerprint.

As leaders, we acknowledge this fact by continuously improving, not only but specifically our leadership skills (EQ). In doing so, we decrease our “blind spots” (Johari Window) and the “unknown” through coaching.

The “SwissCoach-approach” is specifically designed to help leaders increase their emotional & social intelligence in order to master challenging situations in the best ways possible.


“Be inspired by your POTENTIAL…
Have a VISION… Follow your DIRECTION.”

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